Cinemas in Wales to reopen

Following the announcement made by the First Minister today, Ffilm Cymru are pleased to welcome the news that cinemas in Wales may be able to reopen from 27th July, with outdoor cinema permitted from the 13th July.

Over the last few months, we have been working closely with Welsh Government, Arts Council of Wales, the UK Cinema Association and film exhibitors across Wales; supporting, listening and developing ways to ensure cinema continues to be a welcoming place for all and to enable audiences  to return to the big screen. 

Despite facing one of the biggest challenges to face the industry, we have seen organisations and individuals working hard to innovate and continue to entertain audiences across Wales through film. Behind the scenes, we have seen an industry united in a love of cinema, developing measures and collaborating to build safer experiences for both audiences and staff.

We would like to thank the organisations who continue to create cinematic experiences, exciting collaborations and share their practical knowledge, concerns and insights, all of which have been vital in informing the work being done at Ffilm Cymru during this time.

As part of the UK exhibition and distribution taskforce developing guidance for the reopening of cinemas, we have worked with colleagues from across the UK to shape Covid-19 safety protocols and measures to minimise risk and enable the sector to re-open and start to rebuild. You can find out more about the Welsh Government guidance, which incorporates the UK Cinema Association protocols, here.

We have not yet reached the end of a difficult road for the cinema industry, however this is an exciting step forward. At Ffilm Cymru, we will continue to support the conversations and innovations happening within the exhibition industry in Wales as well as providing much needed financial support to organisations though our Film Exhibitor Fund. Find out more about this fund and upcoming events.

We look forward to joining you at the cinema soon!

Nicola Munday
Audience & Education Manager
Ffilm Cymru Wales