Company Support

Ffilm Cymru Wales is committed to supporting Welsh talent and to contributing to a thriving and diverse indigenous film infrastructure across Wales. As part of this, we offer our Company Support programme for innovative and promising Wales-based production and/or distribution companies to facilitate their further innovation, improve audience reach and enable company growth. 

We are looking to support forward thinking companies that have a clear commitment to feature film as part of their overall business model, and where our funding and support can make a real difference to the company’s progress.

Ffilm Cymru Wales is seeking to help foster production and/or distribution companies with a strong sense of identity who are dedicated to developing strong film projects and nurturing distinctive Welsh talent. Successful companies will be able to demonstrate their desire to work with partners in the UK and internationally; their ability to leverage finance and have a clear sense of direction for building a sustainable business. This should include clear thinking around how to maximise the value developed from their intellectual property and early consideration of identifying and developing tailored audience reach strategies in today’s marketplace.

Lottery funding is available for the Company Support programme on a de minimis basis. There is no minimum award amount set, but we’d expect awards to be in the range of £30,000 - £80,000 per awarded company.

The funding will be disbursed through two routes:

  • Open calls, as and when advertised
  • By invitation. Eligible companies may be invited to apply by Ffilm Cymru Wales on a rolling-basis throughout the year, as and when a specific opportunity to develop innovation, audience reach and company growth potential arises, enabling a quick, flexible and iterative approach to company development.

Our Company Support fund is currently closed. Please check back regularly for updates on future calls for applications.

Full details are available in our Company Support Guidelines.